I would like to thank Mr Ng and his team for the care you all gave. Mr Ng did both hands to which I can't believe the improvements and you can't see the scars. I struggled with both my hands on a day-to-day basis trying to pick tablets up or trying to fasten buttons - not anymore. I'm so glad I had it done.

Thank you so much.


I was initially seen by Mr Ng in October 2014 following the sudden onset of a left foot drop. Following MRI scan and nerve conduction studies he clarified that  I had a severely arthritic superior tibiofibular joint that had produced a number of loose bodies and a ganglion growing along my peroneal nerve which had stopped it from working. Mr Ng offered by surgery to correct the problem and that was completed within 2 weeks of my initial consultation. Recovery has continued over an 18-month period, I now have 95% function in my foot and it continues to improve. I have returned to playing competitive sport with no functional difficulties and am completely happy with my recovery even if I don't get to 100%.

Mr Ng has provided me with exceptional support and advice throughout the entire period and as a fellow health professional (physiotherapist) I could not recommend him highly enough.


 After suffering for over a year with carpal tunnel syndrome (in both hands) I was referred to Mr Ng at the Alexandra. He was patient with me and very professional. I cannot praise highly enough both his skills as a surgeon and those of his anaesthetist.

I had my surgery under sedation, was not aware of anything and recovered much more quickly and easily than with general anaesthetic. Once the local anaesthetic wore off I immediately had full sensation in my fingers - a blessing after a year of numbness and pins and needles.

Mr Ng explained every step to remove any concerns I may have had and also clarified the reasons for my 'clumsiness' due to carpal tunnel. I cannot fault the whole team at the Alexandra and would recommend them and especially Mr Ng to anyone in the future.

My heartfelt thanks.


Dear Mr Ng

I would like to formally thank you for the work you did on both my hands. When I first came to see you I was very aware that my chances of making a full recovery, especially in the right hand, were not good. Your skill has given my hands a new lease of life! I am now able to resume all my activities, and think myself very fortunate to have been in your care.

With grateful thanks,


Mr Ng has been amazing. I came to him with terrible pain in my wrist and hardly any movement. After surgery and physiotherapy, I am now pain free and have full movement of my wrist.  I would highly recommend him. Thank you.


I was a patient of Dr Ng’s last year after being transferred around various doctors and specialists with a mystery pain in my thumb. He was able to diagnose the problem straight away which was a great relief and explained everything in depth. I felt completely at ease throughout my operation and appointments thanks to Dr Ng’s kindness, attentiveness and easygoing attitude. I would definitely recommend him.


I have been very impressed with Dr Ng. He has been very efficient, kind and considerate. He has had my full confidence.


The whole experience from my initial consultation through to my operation and follow-up physiotherapy went extremely smoothly. I have the highest regard for the hospital and Dr Ng.


Following a traumatic hand injury caused by an accidental incidence in a rugby match, the care I have received from Mr Ng and his hand therapist Rachel has been superb. I have had a dramatic recovery due to this level of care and expertise allowing me to not only return quickly to work but also to resume recreational activities such as golf, weight training and rugby training within a year of surgery.


After putting up with years of waking up in the night with a 'fuzzy' hand, being unable to hold a phone, book or magazine for any length of time, Mr Ng has transformed things. I have now returned to all my usual activities of reading, knitting and sewing without any problems - and I certainly sleep very well now!

Many many thanks.





Formal patient feedback (137 KB)