Year Award
2016  BSSH Stack Travelling Fellowship 
2016 BSSH Spring Scientific Meeting Best Poster Prize 
2014 FESSH Travel Award 
2013 BOA Ram Kumar Chartterjee Travelling Fellowship
2013 European Board of Hand Surgery Diploma (Best performance award)
2012 Zimmer SCOT Travelling Fellowship 
2012 BSSH Journal of Hand Surgery Best Paper Prize
2011 Paul Calvert Endeavour Prize (British Elbow and Shoulder Society)
2010 Best performance award in local FRCS mock examination
2009 J.I.P. James Memorial Medal
2009 South East Scotland Registrars Research Forum 2nd runner-up
2007 Winter SCOT Meeting SPR 1st & 2nd Prize
2006 Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Henry Wade Bursary
2005 Roy Petrie Bursary


Year Award
2002 Ettles Scholarship and Leslie Gold Medal (the most distinguished MBChB graduate of the year)
2002 E B Jamieson Prize in Anatomy
2002 James Scott Scholarship in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
2002 Distinction in Medicine
2001 Distinction in Child Life & Health
2001 Distinction in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
2001 Preiskel Elective Prize in Surgery (The Royal College of Surgeons of England)
2001 Myre Sim Student Bursary (The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh)
2001 British Medical and Dental Students’ Trust Award
2000 Distinction in Pharmacology
1998 Junior MacKenzie Bursary in Anatomy
1997 The British High Commissioner’s Chevening Award